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Want your dog to stay with you off-leash when you go on a hike?

Want to bring your dog with you downtown, but can't because it's too wound up on a leash?

Want your dog to stay calm when you are hosting guests?

Summit is here to help.

At Summit, our mission is to help people build and develop a healthy, fun relationship with their dog. We understand that every situation is different, and therefore there is no "one size fits all" solution to dog training. If your dog is driving you crazy, chances are the pup is not very happy either. Having a well behaved, balanced dog is what we aim to provide you with, and we focus a lot of attention to providing YOU with the tools to succeed. Our 1 on 1 training lessons are catered to your specific situation and the level of training you would like to achieve.

Puppy Classes

Set your puppy up for success through Summit puppy class. Your dog will learn necessary social cues, respond better to commands, and you will receive the knowledge & tools to continue developing a healthy bond with your dog.

Private Training

Want a better relationship with your dog? We are here to help. We work on a per-case basis to get you and your dog on track and provide the tools for a better bond going forward.

Adult Classes

From getting exposure around other dogs & humans to giving you the right tools to build a solid training foundation, adult dog obedience classes are a great channel for you and your dog.

puppy class

for future success

What To Expect:
Puppy Class is 1 class per week for 4 weeks​


Each class is structured with 20-30 minutes of socialization, followed by 30-40 minutes with the lesson of the day

Lessons include:


-intro to food training (sit, stay, etc.)

-intro to playing


4-week puppy class: $140

adult class 

learn the basics

What To Expect:

Adult Class is 1 class per week for 4 weeks

Each class focuses on safe socialization & basic training.

Lessons Include:

-basic commands

-leash walking

-clear communication

-proper socialization (think cocktail hour, not a frat party)

4-week adult class: $160

private training

tailored to your dog


On-site & Off-site training options

asses your goals

We begin by assessing goals, behaviors, and the relationship between you and your dog. 

develop plan

Based on the evaluation and your individual goals, we then develop a plan to reach those goals. 

1 on 1 lesson fitted to you & your dog

1 on 1 lessons then begin, either at the Summit facility or wherever your would like to meet.

provide tools for the future

After the lessons come to an end, we provide you with an outline of everything that was covered before, during and after your training sessions with you and your dog so that you may continue with the good work!

bundle & save!

1 lesson: $65

package (4 lessons): $234 Save 10%

1 lesson: $85

package (4 lessons): $306 Save 10%

max eaton

summit head trainer

Max has been training dogs professionally for more than 3 years and has been working with and around dogs his entire life. From general obedience training to puppy courses, Max has a balanced approach to training. He believes that all cases vary with the dog and owner, and so should the training approach. 

Max also has two dogs of his own named Rolf and Luna. When he is not busy training dogs, you can find him slappin' bass in his band and hiking in the mountains with his dogs.


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