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small capacity, high-quality dog boarding where your dog's comfort, care, and happiness comes first.

Dog Boarding Made Easy.

Summit is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by passionate and experienced owners and staff. Each private boarding room comes with a soft, large bed or raised cot. Dogs that are family have enough room to board together, and our strict policy on vaccinations and facility cleanliness ensures the good health of your pet during your time away.

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Boarding Prices:

1 dog


2 dogs


Boarding Add ons:

Exit day bath & blow dry  $30​ (prices may vary based on dogs size)

Peanut Butter Kong $5

Hike $20

boarding Requirements:

  • Summit requires a FREE "trial" day for new clients in order to ensure that Summit is a good fit for your dog.

  • Because Summit believes in the best possible experience for all of its clients and dogs, we do not accept dogs who:

    • Have severe separation anxiety​

    • Intact males over 10 months

    • Bark frequently & excessively

    • Chew inanimate objects such as building structures, rocks, wood, etc.

    • Absolutely NO human-dog aggressive dogs are taken in, as our top priority for other dogs/clients is safety​​​​​

  • ALL DOGS (over 6 months) are required to have:​

    • Rabies vaccine​

    • Bordatella vaccine

    • Distemper/Parvo

  • Summit suggests flea, tick, and lice prevention but it is not a requirement​

  • We strongly suggest supplying your dog with its own food to prevent GI issues, however, Summit will supply food to dogs who run out for an additional $3 a day

  • Please bring anything else that makes your dog more comfortable

  • Please bring any a sufficient amount of any medications your dog needs 

Dog boarding drop off and pick up times:

Pick up/drop off times:

Monday-Saturday: 830am-530pm

Sunday: 10am-5pm

*Price includes full day of daycare and that night of boarding 

All boarding dogs picked up after noon on exit day will be charged for daycare for that day


465 Briar Place

Belgrade, MT 59714


Tel: 406-924-2388



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