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Summit Facility

Built to provide the best dog boarding & daycare
experience possible

room to run

Summit features a fully fenced in two acres with natural grass & plants instead of turf or gravel so your dog can get in the same sensory enrichment it would at the park!

room to play

Inside of the facility, we have a large playroom full of couches, beds, and cots so your dog can rest, play with friends, and run around during daycare or boarding.

room to rest

Our dog kennels are large, private rooms that can fit a dog family comfortably. When you board with us, please bring whatever dog beds, blankets, toys, etc. you think they would like to have. We keep these belongings in their closed room at all times to make your dog comfortable.

 dog Kennels designed to keep your dog comfortable while boarding

dog boarding & daycare done different

Summit was designed to provide a more personalized & comfortable experience for your dog. With a smaller capacity, we are able to focus more of our attention on each individual dog and cater to their specific needs. Each dog sleeps comfortably in their own private room, with whatever toys, beds, blankets, etc. that you think will make them more comfortable in their new space. The owners live on-site and provide 24/7 care focused on a fun, safe, and healthy environment. Play is kept at a reasonable level, and appropriate exercise with naps is always our focus. Our main goal is to have your dog tired and happy at the end of a fun day, not over-stimulated and anxious. 

What to expect for your dog at summit:

  • Frequent 1 on 1 time

  • Low capacity so a stress free environment day & night

  • A personalized private room

  • Abundant, safe playtime

  • Rest when needed

  • Calming music at night

  • A great opportunity to continue developing social skills with other dogs

  • Care from passionate owners who live under the same roof as all the dogs

  • 24/7 onsite care

if the dogs are happy, we're happy

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