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If your dog is here for doggy daycare or boarding, follow us for frequent photos and videos of all the fun!

You can find daily photos and videos on our "Story" on Facebook and Instagram @Summitpetresort.

Please call if you are having any issues finding this.

The Summit Way

Dog Boarding and daycare should be stress free.

And what fun would it be if you couldn't check in on your pup to see how much fun they're having?

A big part of Summit is our frequently updated social media pages. We know how much it can mean to see videos and photos of your dog having a good time because we are the same way with ours. It can be unnerving leaving your pup at a new place, so we post on a regular basis to alleviate some of that stress. To see photos and videos of your dog during their stay at Summit, follow @summitpetresort on Instagram or Facebook!

We update our stories every day with multiple photos and videos, and only post to our feed once daily. Call for questions with this.

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